A Baby and a Career...

Today is my second day as a working mom having a child.


I feel like once we come home from daycare and work, it's time to wash today's bottles, 5 o'clock feeding, cook dinner, clean dinner, load of laundry, make bottles for tomorrow, clean the house a little, bath time, 8 o'clock feeding, snuggle time, get myself ready for tomorrow, and then bedtime.

Will I ever get used to this chaotic lifestyle? When is there ever time??


but so blessed that Drake helps so much!!


  1. Last year was the first year that I was a working mom. I'm a teacher as well and to be honest, it was chaotic! Like you said there is always something to be done! It is hard. Hopefully Grayson will get better luck than Easton, but it seemed like he was always sick (totally normal though with daycare germs in that first year) and it seemed like the daycare was calling me at school every other week. I missed SO many days last year, but its just part of it! Now, going back this year I actually feel prepared like I can handle it all and feeling like "I got this!" So, it does get easier! Just hang in there! I'm sure changing grade levels doesn't help, though.

  2. I totally agree with Lana. And...once Grayson starts holding her own bottle, you won't believe how much that will help. You won't believe how much you can get done while she's drinking that bottle. You will get in a routine and eventually you won't even notice. I have total confidence in you...I know you can do it. Love you!

  3. It does get better and easier, once you find your groove. I am all about routines, organization and trying to stick to a schedule. Oh and lists!

  4. It will get better and it will become the NEW normal. I work and my baby is 3 weeks younger than yours. It was hard at first, but now it seems easy. I leave the house at 7 AM, drop her off at the sitter, go to the gym, go to work...then after 8 hours at work, go get her...so we dont get home until after 6 and then its all the same stuff- bottles, dinner, bath, etc. AND, my husband works away Mon-Fri so its like im a single mom during the week.