Parenting: Trial and Error

I feel like lately people soon to be moms have been asking me questions about when to do________, and how do I know it's time to start ___________? There is no good answer. We listen to Grayson and we do... TRIAL AND ERROR. We do what we think is best and if it doesn't work, change it.

Recently, we were buying this...
Until we noticed Kroger sold this for half the price...
So we tried it. We thought it was fine until Grayson wasn't sleeping through the night for a bout two weeks. Luckily Drake got smart and thought that maybe us switching formulas had something to do with it. Hello! She was waking up every morning at 3 to eat. The poor child's stomache was growling!We switched her back and what do you know... She is back sleeping through the night! Praise God!! I do not miss the nighttime feedings of a newborn!!

{No wonder that food was half the price!}

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  1. We did the same thing a few weeks ago but with the Sams brand and Jackson started waking up for night time feedings again! WE finally caught onto the fact that the formula was throwing him way off schedule!