9 Months Old!

Really, 9 months old already? It has just dawned on me that my baby is no longer a baby. She is become independent, funny, outgoing, social, kind, and a sweet little girl. I am so proud to be her Momma.

*You weigh about 20 pounds
*Size 3-4 diapers
*Size 9-12 month clohting
*Size 2 shoe
*You eat all people food
*You weaned yourslef off of formula. You are now drinking Silk.
*You take 6 ounce bottles, 5 times a day
*You like to stand everywhere. You do not crawl, only army crawl
*You have no teeth yet
*You love to walk down the sides of the couches
*You like to stand in your crib so it is now lowered

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