10 Months Old...

Oh sweet girl... you are 10 months old already! You are so much fun, so talkative, entertaining, loving, and sweet. You mean so much to Momma and Dada!

*You weigh 21 pounds
*Say Momma and Dada
*Walk with push toys and furniture
*Eat no baby food. You eat whatever Momma and Dada eat
*You drink 5 bottles a day
*You love to follow Momma around the house
*You give kisses

I am so blessed that you are ours!!

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  1. Savannah just started push walking too, and she gets so mad when her little toy hits something that makes her stop!! LOL!! I am so impressed with Grayson eating all table food. I struggle so much with what to feed Savannah next! You should do a post on some of her favorite foods now, maybe it would give me some ideas ;)