One Sick Baby...

Bless her heart, Grayson can not catch a break! Neither can this Momma!

At the beginning of the week she got pink eye in her left eye and then it spread to her right.

Saturday she woke with a fever. After meds and snuggling all day and through the night, just thinking it was teeth related, she woke up the next morning with a temperatire of 104.5 (rectaly of course). So to the doc we went.

What do you know, an ear infection. Boo! So when we got home, she took a bath, ate, got her medicine and then projectile vomited, I mean, 'Exorcist-like" throw-up. Whew... so we get cleaned up and take a nap. What do you know appears when she gets up, pink eye again. Are you kiddding me?

So my weekend (of course while Drake is at work) is snuggling Grayson which I don't mind unless I need to go to the bathroom and she refuses to be put down, cleaning her eye, putting drops in her eyes, cleaning our hands, giving Tylenol, and Amoxicilan.
 Look at this sweet baby laying on her Momm's lap...
(Sorry for the bad quality, took it on my phone)