What Will You Give Up?

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Yesterday began Lent, giving up something you love for 40 days. I was trying to think of something I LOVE, but couldn't think of what I could really give up. So, my friend Susan suggested an "Add-in". Instead og giving up something for 40 days, I will be adding in something for 40 days.

So, Drake and I have decided we want to read the Bible more and thought this was the perfect opportunity to start. Even though it is only 40 days, we have decided to try and read the Bible in a year. Wish me luck. The plan we will be following is here.

{I would love for you to do it with us.}


  1. You can totally do it! I have the bible app on my phone and Brian and I are on day 54 of reading the bible in a year. Having it on my phone makes it so easy to follow the plan. You can do it!!-rikki

  2. I gave up sweets!! :( No cake, ice cream, cookies, candies or anything remotely yummy for 40 days. BOO!! I very much need the self discipline though!! Good luck with the reading!! Proud of you!! I am doing Beth Moore's James study right now and it is GREAT!! If you ever get a chance to do a Beth Moore study- do it!! She will bless you!!!