Happy 1st birthday Grayson!!

I truly can not believe that my sweet baby girl is one years old today!
Seriously? Where did the time go?
Each and every day is a learning process that I have loved through and through.
 I did not know how much I wanted or needed you until I had you.
I never relized how much spare time I had, until I had you.
I never realized how selfish I was, until I had you.
I never realized that somethings were just not that serious, until I had you.
I never realized how much my heart could love another person, until I had you.
I never realized how much fun it is to simply watch another person, until I had you.
You are amazing in everything you do...
You weigh about 25 pound (I'll find out soon at the doc).
You wear size 4 shoes.
You wear size 12 month clothing.
You wear size 4 diapers.
You have 3 teeth (two bottom, one top, and one on the top will shortly pop through).
You wave good-bye, give kisses, when I say hello, you hold the phone up to you ear, you give high-fives, when I say, I don't know, you put your hands in the air.
You have realized you have a bow on your head and don't like it.
You are walking by yourself and getting into everything.
You sleep on a cot at school, no more crib. You cry to go to the next room with the big kids and they have let you.
You drink whole milk from a sippy cup through out the day and eat three meals a day with two snacks.
You could eat us out of house and home!
You love bath time.
You have learned to say no by shaking your head at me or whaling your arms back and forth.
You are always happy unless tired or hungry.
You love sleeping with a pillow, which makes you look so grown.
You are not shy and play hard.
Daddy and I love you so much and can't wait to watch you grow.


  1. Happy Birthday! Everything you wrote is so true!

  2. happy birthday grayson! she's such a cutie and i can't wait to see her fabulous party!

  3. She is soo sweet!!! Happy Birthday Grayson!!! I hope you guys have a great day celebrating!!

  4. happy birthday sweet grayson!!! she is looking like a toddler, especially with all that walking she's doing! savannah just realized she has a bow on her head too, and then she pulls it off!!;(