Horrible Mother, Party of One...

Can you believe I hurt my own child? I literally almost cried I felt so bad.

While she was asleep I was ironing a shirt on the floor. Yes, floor! I hate our ironing board. Well, I forgot all about it and after she got up she ran/walked into the living room and as soon as I heard the horrible screams I knew wh at had happened. Bless her heart! One finger has a huge bubble and three fingers arre burnt on the tips. My heart still drops thinking about it-ugh I feel so bad!! She has been a real trooper about it though. Lesson learned- the hard way!

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  1. Oh sweet one...this will not be the last time you cause your child pain (unintentional). But you know what...they forget and they just remember you were there to make them feel better. YOU are a WONDERFUL mother.