...did this big girl come from??
In the blink of an eye she has changed so much!
 She is now into E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G...
 She has learned to throw temper tantrums...
 She will not sit still to save her life...
She is 14 months going on 16! She hates the word no, is very sensitive, not shy at all, wants to do everything by herself, and wants to climb on everything!! We are constantly saying no and chasing her around BUT loving every second of it!!


  1. she is just too cute!!! cullen is 13 months and he laughs at me every time i tell him no! drives me crazy because then i tend to smile at him ;)

  2. so right there with you! sav started hitting us when we say no...uh oh!!! they are small but mighty!

  3. She does look so big in those pics!!! She is such a doll!