Who Knew?

...that after I made all these gifts for Grayson's teachers for teacher appreciation week...

...that we would pull her out of that daycare that weekend! We found out from (names I won't mention) that one of the women wasn't treating the children how I think they should be treated. I heard she called my child a spoiled brat (which she is SO not), saw her fall and laughed at her, would let them cry, always used a negative tone with them, and teased them with food. The only part I actually saw was her attitude and tone towards the chidren and saw how Grayson hated going with her. Drake and I both had a bad "gut" feeling with her and should have done something about it. I cried when I found out because I hate that I let my child stay in an unhappy situation. I know now and can only be thankful Grayson's no longer there! Friends and family have been so generous in volunteering time to watch Grayson, my last 10 days of school. Thank you all so much, it is truly appreciated!!


  1. That is just awful to hear. How can anyone be so nasty to kids, and Miss Grayson is just so precious. Too bad you don't live in St. Petersburg Florida, my mother in law owns a preschool and there is so much love in that place.

    The gifts are adorable, where did you get the tubes and have their names put on it?

  2. Oh my lands, I would be a wreck. Heartbroken wreck! I am so glad you found out and did what your gut told you! Grayson is such a little precious sweetie, I cannot imagine someone saying that about her/ and treating the kids like that!!!!!! People like that I have no words for even!!!!!!

    So glad you have family to help you our until schools out.

  3. That is horrible!!! How can anyone call a sweet little baby a spoiled brat?! Really, that's ridiculous!!! We just started getting on waiting lists for daycares in the area since I hear it can take a while to get in, so please let me know which one that one is so I can NOT send my child there! Glad you were able to take her out! :)

  4. Chelsea BarnhillMay 22, 2012 at 3:28 PM

    Keever! OH MY! That's awful, and really to think you PAY A LOT of money for that!?! Crazy. Girl, I would have taken that woman off to another room, sat her down, grabbed her hand, and PRAYED for her. Yep, that's what I would have done!

  5. OMG!! how could someone be mean to innocent sweet children? makes me so sad..poor poopsie!