My Summer To Do List...

1. Clean the baseboards! (Clorox, clorox, clorox)
2. Create a family binder and a new coupon binder
3. Sew a dress for myself
4. Read two books
5. Wash the comforter
6. Make a new door wreath
7.Make new pillows for the couches
8. Paint the kitchen stools
9. Go through Drake's old clothes
10. Have family photos taken
11. Join Little Gym for Grayson
12. Clean out the linen closet
13. Sew some clothes for Grayson

14. Print too many pictures
Since our house hasn't sold, I might do some minor renovating... (We can't sit and do nothing,  huh?).
14. Get our house sold
15.  Paint the bathroom cabinets
16. If I'm feeling super handy, paint the kitchen cabinets
17. Paint the kitchen and dining room
What are your summer's to do list?? Anything else I should add?

1 comment:

  1. I think you should add -spend time with rikki and sloane :)