Instagram Dump

Anyone else as obsessed? I love it! Find me at gmcobia!


  1. How cute!! I loveeee instagram! You should add me! Bootsbows5oh :)

  2. I have been a reader for a while but have never commented...but had to say that I LOVE that octopus dress you made for Grayson! Too cute! Speaking of sewing, I am in the market for a sewing/monogramming machine (preferably all in one) and remembered you talking about your monogrammer, so I wondered what machine you have and if you're happy with it. Also, one of the ladies at our local sewing machine store told me most monogrammers (including Brothers, which was mainly the brand I looked at) aren't compatible with Apple computers, which made me nervous because that is what we have. I didn't know if you have a Mac and if so, how you work around the compatibility issue for buying monogramming software? I would SO appreciate any info you could give! I am very new in the sewing world but hope one day I can make fabulous children's clothes like you do :). Feel free to email me at Thanks!