Out of the Rut...

I have been in a rut lately, a style rut. Since having Grayson I have put my style/wardrobe on hold. I haven't wanted bought anything for myself. I haven't mattered. Hopefully everyone just looks at my fabuloously dressed child! Ha!
Well, the rut is over. I have gotten back in the niche so i wanted to show you a few of my new things...
{Forever 21}

{Tracy Negoshian}
Mine is the pink version of this dress...

This is a maternity dress but I don't care-ha!!

{Ebay: Satrfashion115}
This mint necklace, um, did I mention it was $6.54 including shipping!
New Pendant Necklace Gift FS Gold Tone Acrylic "Forever21" 2Color Available

{Louis Vuitton in Charleston}
Yes! I have a Speedy 30!
I am in heaven...thanks to my fabulous brother, crazy huh!!

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  1. Love it! I'm sure people are impressed by you AND your fabulously dressed child :)