Potty Interest?!?

Grayson has been showing interest in the potty when we go (TMI?), so we got her princess potty out of the attic. I can tell when she goes poop by her squating position, so when I saw her do it this morning I ran her to the potty and put her on.
She stayed on as long as she could watch PBS on my phone.
We sat and sat. I waited patiently and had fruit snacks waiting in case she went.
I just knew the potty was going to start singing...
But it didn't. No luck. When she's ready we will try again. I am leaving the potty down just so we can start talking about it and get used to it.
{Please do NOT leave me an anonymous comment telling me she's too young to potty train! We will are not seriously trying to potty train at this moment but I'll let you know when we do.}
**Since pre-writing this post, Grayson went #2 in the potty! Yes, I took a picture but I won’t make y’all go through that!
Here she is afterwards with her fruit snack reward!**


  1. Yay Grayson! We need to buy a potty, Easton has shown some interest as well. I'm dreading potty training though! LOL!

  2. That is so great!!! I heard that 18 months is a good time to start since they pick up everything so well. I have had Savannah's potty out for months, I don't want her to be scared of it. She plays with it a lot! LOL! Hopefully training will be a breeze! ;)

  3. 18 months is not too young at all. We took ours at then as well. We are still not full force training by any means... just trying in the mornings.

    Yay G!

  4. yay, Grayson! Good job keeping the potty out - you definitely want her to be used to it and not scared of it. The more she thinks that the whole potty situation is HER idea, the easier "training" her will be!

  5. My sister started potty training my neice at 18 months because she was showing intrest. She was completely daytime and nightime ptty trained by 2 years old!!!