Skirt vs. Shorts

So lately I have been pondering the thought between wearing "work out" shorts or a tennis skirt. Let me just say, no: I don't work out nor do I play tennis. I've just seen some cute people wearing them lately (Renata & Johnny in a Dress)!

So what's your take on them? Do ou prefer one over the other? Should I invest in some tennis skirts?

Regardless, they BOTH would look better monogrammed!


  1. I love skirts! I wear them all the time to work out or look like I'm going to work out ;) way more comfy and cute! I say go for it! And in the fall/winter, you can still wear them with some cute leggings! -rikki

  2. I have probably 10 pairs of those shorts and looove them so much! I have even worn them in the winter with leggings and uggs. K thinks it looks terrible but it's the most comfie outfit ever!! :) oh and go to the Nike outlets to save a few bucks :)

  3. I run almost exclusively in running skirts and love them!