18 Months

Grayson, how are you already 18 months old? You are the BEST thing that’s ever happened to Daddy and I!
I felt like you would never get here…
2011 153
And then you were here (the best day of my life)…
{3 days old and very tired}
2011 190
{6 months}
{12 months}
{18 months}
And the party was over…
Here’s what you are up to:
*You say lots of words: eat, dog, monkey noises, dog noises, tiger noises, pull, Mimi, Momma, Daddy, Bebe, Pops, Mimi, go, milk, uh-oh, bubble, bow, baby, throw, more, tv, rock, go, one, two, three, Slick, bye bye, not nice, more
*You wink with both eyes
*You’ve used the potty once
*You love big kids and preschool
*You are very independent
*You love to color
*You use a paci when you sleep
*You LOVE your lovey
*You love to cut the light switch on and off
*You squeal at the top of your lungs when Daddy gets home
*You sit in a booster seat (no more high chair)
*You eat with a fork
*You love saying the blessing
*You love your baby dolls
*You are in a size 5 shoe
*You wear size 18-2T clothing
*You have 11 teeth
*You wear a size 5 diaper

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