Busy, Busy, Busy...

This family is always on the go! We stay busy and I LOVE it! I feel like I am always taking more on...
 So what have we been up to?
*Getting my National Boards
*Contemplating on whether to take another Masters +30 class
*Sunday School
*Wednesday Church Class
*Saturday music classes for Grayson
*Creating a flag and representing our school in Rock Across America
*Being a wife
*Being a mother
*Being a Kindergarten Teacher
*Getting the house sold
*Keeping the house clean
*Board member for the Spring Auction at Grayson's school
*PTO member at Grayson's school
*Board member of Hospitality at Grayson's school
*Part time homeroom mom
What are your obligations?


  1. Woah girl! Bless your heart! Good luck with the National Boards!

  2. Holy cow you guys are a busy little family :)

  3. What am I busy with? Having your back!!!!!