Praying Out Loud

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Do you pray out loud? Do you offer to say the blessing or close prayer in Sunday School?
I never have, nor can I see myself doing it.
I began a small group session at church and one of the visions for our church is to make yourself vulnerable: try new things, push the envelope.
So here it is: I want to be one of the those people who says great prayers more than just in my head.
I thought a start would be getting my prayers out of my head. So, for better or worse this would be my prayer tonight (normally in my head).
Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank you for all that you have done for me and my family.
I am truly blessed.
Thank you for my family, friends, my job, my house, my church family, and everyone that is close to me.
Thank you for always looking out for us, taking care of us, and providing for us.
Thank you for wrapping your arms around me and protecting me.
Please watch our for my husband as he protects and serves our community daily.
Please look out for my family and make sure that they are safe in all that they do.
Please protect my brother as he heads to Afghanistan to serve our country.
Please help my family and I to make good decisions.
Please help me to raise my daughter the way that you intended.
Help me to guide her and teach her the values that you want in your children.
Help her to be kind and to love others.
Help me to be a child of God like you intended.
Help me to not want more and to appreciate the things I do have in life.
Help me to be fulfilled through you and not materialistic things.
Help me to open my eyes and see the things you want me to.
In Jesus' name, Amen.


  1. I haven't prayed out loud too often. I love how you talk openly about God on your blog. It makes your blog one of my favorites to read :)