What to Write About?

I'm in a blog funk...
What should I write about?

{How about what's on my mind?}
*So glad my brother made it to Afghanistan.
*I am so glad this is back on...
*I am so sad no one few people comment on the blog anymore.
*Do people really read this blog?
*I really want to read this book...
*Loving my new shirt...
Photo: A few more examples of fabulous combinations for the chevron monogrammed applique pocket tee!! LOVE IT!!!
*I'm tired of being congested!
*I so should not have told our awful neighbors their dog was out. It didn't make them any nicer!
*We are taking the house off the market and hoping to do, For Sale by Owner. Fingers crossed!
*Wish my dog didn't shed!
*I can't lock my car. The alarm keeps going off.
*I need an oil change.
*Thinking about moving Grayson to a big girl bed this winter.
*I have a problem! Grayson has 81 smocked/appliqued outfits for fall/winter and 67 for next summer.


  1. I read you blog but I'm terrible about commenting! I will do better from now on! I had to laugh about all of Grayson's outfits you have stockpiled! I thought I was bad about buying Emerson clothes but you definitely have me beat! :)

  2. Holy moly thats a lot of outfits!!! :) love it!!! And I love reading your blog!!!

  3. I love reading your blog! I can't believe you have that many outfits for little G! (actually, I can) Do you have to hide them from your hubby? I'll buy something and store it away, then it suddenly appears - and if questioned, I can honestly say "what? this?? I've had this for a while!!" LOL

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  5. I read your blog and enjoy it!

  6. You told your neighbor about the dog because YOU are a nice person! I love the blog....so does Hannah! What to blog about? Well....no idea! tv, crazy people, funny student stories (with no names), the funny stories that you just can't make up!, holidays? Hope it helps! You are just in a funk right now. We all get there at one time or another! Just remember you are a child of God. How about your favorite verses or music? love ya!

  7. Awww, you've got loyal reader over here :). I'm terrible about commenting! Hope all is well!