You Can't Plan Life

We've been a little MIA lately! Our family is back to normal and doing well.
I had a great Saturday planned: Grayson going to her Nana's, manicure, pedicure, shopping, etc., but when I woke up Saturday Grayson was BURNING up and had had a blow out with blood in it.
I immediately took her to Doctor's care. They checked her temp and it was 105. (Insert scared Momma). They told me I needed to headed to the children's hospital now and asked if I needed an ambulance. Really? Way to scare a Momma! No, I'll just drive myself. So off we went. They put us in a room and we waited.
They hooked her up to IV's and started a bunch of tests...

All they could tell us after 8 hourse in the hospital was that she had a virus. We got our first dose of shots and were waiting to leave when she upchucked everywhere. This day was not going as planned...
{Check out Grayson and I's nice hospital shirts they let us wear.}
We came back the next day feeling better for our second round of shots.

And then we felt puny again. It came and went. We had more high fevers but got to go home.
After having a stool sample done, the conclusion: this sweet girl had salmonella. Salmonella! OMG! No wonder she felt horrible. It has been a week since we were in the hospital and she is now acting like herself. What a long week with fevers, crying, whining, diarrhea, no eating, but I am so glad to say we are ALL doing much better.
I appreciate all the sweet prayers and comments on Facebook!

Only God knows what's in store for us!


  1. eeek! 105 fever is super high and super scary!! So glad she is feeling better~

  2. So glad she is feeling better!

  3. How scary! I'm so glad everyone is doing much better!

  4. God bless Grayson!! What was the food?/ did they detect it?

  5. Oh my goodness! God bless your sweet little Grayson! I remember when Jackson had to take a trip to the ER for a virus that left him dehydrated. Worst. Night. Ever. Hope all is well!