Being a Mama...

I am so devastated by the tragedy in CT. As a Kindergarten teacher and mother, this hits too close to home. I pray for the families who are suffering and hold onto to my babies (school and home) a little tighter!
I am so saddened by this sensless act and can not wrap my brain around it. It brings tears to my eyes everytime I think about it.
I have been thinking so much about how short life is and to remind myself to slow down.
I found this great saying...
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We need to remember to enjoy these moments now.
And if I wasn't sappy enough lately, I recently saw this Carter's commerical (WATERWORKS!)

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  1. Watching the news this weekend and seeing the faces of all the victims has brought tears to my eyes all weekend. I don't know how anyone could ever do such a thing to sweet little children. Such a tragic and senseless act.