My Husband the Bow Hunter

One day I will get me some cute hunting/creek walking boots...I just love them...

The husband has found yet another hobby. For the past few weeks I have been struggling to find a hobby I could do especially while on summer vacation. (I have had 2 suggestions: scrapbooking and tennis). Scrapbooking I believe is expensive. I am crafty but cheap. Tennis...OK, I used to take lessons at the Country Club and look where it got me!

Columbia heat + being outdoors = Not my new hobby!
(Thanks anyways, I'll keep looking)

Well not only does the husband fish, hunt, play softball, but now he bow hunts. Where does he find so many new hobbies...this one came from Ray! (Thanks Ray-ha!) Thanks to his Dad for getting him involved in this expensive sport as well. I have to admit that he does look mighty cute while practicing. I walked outside and found him like this...

Doesn't he look so cute...?? Too bad if the husband shoots the target and misses, you have to go and fetch them. His land in the creek behind our house! Maybe my new hobby could be the fetcher....Nah! (Ha!) Well I am glad he has found another thing to occupy his time...Now if I could only find a hobby that doesn't include shopping. Does blogging count?? Help...Any suggestions?

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