Our Dam Walks

For the past week...Coy and I have found solice in walking the Lake Murray Dam. I was so proud of us walking the entire thing- all 5.3 miles. Come to find out that it is only 3.4 miles. Oh well...it is still a good work out, not only for me but chunky munk Coy! We only do it three times a week. Coy and I agree that three times a week is enough. If you ever want to join us please do. We try to get there before it is too hot and if you go before 10 you can park on the Irmo side for free-Yay!

I am so sorry to my two wonderful followers-Mallory and Alison, for I have not written in awhile. School is out now, I am on summer mode. Please forgive me!

Just wanted to add in that Reed and Melissa welcomed Savannah McKenzie last night at 12:20 am. We were up there around 8 yesterday checking on mommy. Melissa was very tough and well put together. If you ever come see me while about to give birth I probably will be whining, crying, or bitching...or all of the above. We are going to visit the new family of 3 this afternoon and I will post pictures.

Also, congrats to my neighbors Heather and Dustin for welcoming their new daughter, Claire a few days ago. She was a chunky munk at 8 lbs 10 oz. God bless Heather! I met Claire today and she is BEAUTIFUL!

In a few years maybe I'll be blogging about a little Cobia- ha!

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