Didn't Expect To Do This Today!

So...our little furbaby Coy...sometimes LEAKS! When I say leak, I mean, **shhh-his anal glands**! I know! Disgusting! If he has leaked in the house, I know immediately!! It smells like rotten fish! If he wasn't so darn cute I would get mad. Of course the best thing I have found to clean it up is laundry detergent, hot water, and gloves! It's disgusting but someones gotta do it! Maybe it's preparing me for when we have kids-ha! Well Drake had to work today, and of course this morning Coy leaked! He was fed up and called the doc. Let me go back! Coy has been "Expressed" many times...that's where the vet empties out his glands! (No wonder they make the BIG bucks!) So back to the vet. Drake called and asked could we come in and have Coy expressed and teach us how to do it for now on because obviously once every two months is not enough! Well, it was just Coy and I. Drake said, "Pay close attention so you can show me what to do!" Gross! I watched the vet do it as she explained where fingers and lube go and I think I almost lost it. This is definitely going to be a job for Drake! They squeezed and to the vet's amazement he was empty! Hello- I KNOW! He leaked it all out at our house! Yours truly is now a certified "Expresser"--but DON'T think I am going to be helping you. Hopefully with our new found success, Coy will be empty a LOT!

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