Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice!

The Finchs came over to cook out this afternoon and brought sweet Savannah for her first outing. So thrilled it was our house. The boys went straight outside in "The Man Cave". If you don't have one at your house, it is a room off the back of the house, for tools I believe, but the husband has made it into the man cave. It's got a t.v. and a fridge-the quintessential necessities for a man to live! Ha! He says no girls allowed and I am okay with that! Inside of the house is mine!! So while the boys were outside the girls stayed inside. I think I could hold sweet Savannah all day- until she started crying! Ha! She is such a pretty baby!! I am so glad the Reed and Melissa let me take her over when I am there! I am sure they are thinking, give me my child back. The furbaby met her tonight and didn't think too much of her! I was surprised! He is the head of the house and so maybe when it's our turn to have a baby he might feel differently! He just sniffed her feet and that was about it. He sat next to me the entire time wondering when his momma was going to give him his attention he needs! Spolied rotten dog!! Ha!- All DRAKE'S fault! We had a wonderful dinner and were glad that they made their first outing together as a family to our house! Two streets over from theirs. They are the cutest family!! One day I'll be blogging about Drake and I's child on our first outing but keep reading for that! I hope everyone has a great week! Happy Monday!

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