Visitors in Town

This weekend we had a WONDERFUL treat. Drake's dad and his girlfriend Nora came into town. They came from Jesup, GA with Bruce's two dogs Angel and Riley. They went to dinner with us Friday. This morning we slept in and then took the two dogs to the groomer. They were a little grody-ha! Sorry Bruce! We were only supposed to be getting breakfast this morning at the GREAT Lizard's Thicket so I didn't shower or put makeup on! I should have known better. The boys just had to go to Sportsman's Warehouse. I would have been mortified to see anyone the way I looked. Then we finally got to go home. We all showered and met Nat, Drake's sis at Shooter's Choice...the best gun store ever! Ha! She met us there so we could go see her future reception site at the museum. Very cute! Nora had never been to Groucho's so of course we had to take her! Yum!

While we were in 5 Points we went by the cutest dog treat store called The Three Dog Bakery. I got Coy a monogrammed dog treat! Soo Me! Ha! A pet-a-four, some peanut butter cups and a bunch more goodies for him! He absolutely loved it! He is so spoiled! That is my new favorite shop! If I hadn't known they were for dogs I would have thought we were in Tiffany's bakery. When I let Coy have some they just looked so good I had to try them...Gross it sounds but they looked so good! Tell me they don't. Bruce and I both tried the peanut butter cups! Ugh- they were TERRIBLE- I know I showed have guessed. They tasted like sweat. You know how you work up a sweat and it gets on your lip and then you taste it? I know you do...that's the taste! Don't try it ...take it from us. We did a little shopping for some wonderful Gamecock apparel and stickers for the Georgia folk. We had a wonderful cookout with the family and wish we could do it more often. How time flies. We appreciate them coming. See y'all next time!


  1. Yeah! too bad I missed it. I was having a BLAST at UGA!!! You need to look at my facebook pictures. I have a UGA sticker for the Carolina folks next time I see yall! :)

  2. We don't need a UGA sticker! Did you receive the USC one?