I Am So Excited!!

1. My good friend Mallory called me from N.C. and asked me to be her Matron of Honor! I am so proud to help her out on this day and to be there for her. We have so many memories... She used to have a Malibu and in high school all of our friends would meet earlier and pile in her car like clowns and smoke cigarettes in the morning. I am sure we stunk like a trucker smoking with his windows up. Gosh- we thought we were so cool! No, I have since quit smoking, don't email me about it! I am so glad she asked and so excited for the big day! Since our computer isn't fixed yet I don't have any pics of us to put up! Hopefully soon!

2. I have the best family. People have offered to get things for my class and donate money for things needed. "The father", Dad and my grandmother, Othermama, went in together to get me the cutest curtains. Polka dot of course! They should be in tomorrow so I will definitely show you a picture. I also have the best bestie's mama. My BFF Alison's mom is so wonderful. She is like my second mom, besides Barb, Betty, Othermama, and Debbie! (Love you all!) She asked if there was anything she could get me for my class. Of course! Well, I really said no at first but she pulled my arm-ha! Each group in our class has a caddy for them to put all their markers, and etc. She was so sweet to get us one for each table. I appreciate it more than you know! Love you! And yes, she is a loyal follower! Extra kisses!
The bestie with "our" mama!
A caddy similar to the ones I got! Yay!


  1. My sister keeps asking me stupid questions about hs, like what time I got there and I was like...well I always got to school super early...but I can't remember why? I know I wasnt somewhere smoking lol. I think I remember Mallory..maybe.. but anyway best wishes to her!

  2. Lauren said that we should become followers so I tried and I hope this works. I love reading the blog. You should come go to the beach with us next week. I promise we will not make you go in the boat in the ocean. Once is enough.

  3. I love reading other blogs too...glad I found yours! I tried out the Bumpit this past weekend and I am not sure if I like it yet or not! At first it looks okay but then my hair starts to slip and you can see it! Maybe the bang one will do better for me!

    Hope you have a great day!