Do Y'all Read?

I love to read during the summer when I have time. I am SO that person...The person who judges the cover of a book by how pretty it looks. If it doesn't have pink on the cover I am probably not going to read it! Pink just makes everything better. Don't ya think? I have really gotten into the series written by Sophie Kinsella. I love, love, love her! She is 100 times funnier than I am. This series is what brought about the movie "Confessions of a Shopaholic." You will all die laughing at these books. I can sit and read a whole book in two days... I have read all the books in the series so right now I am reading...

I haven't gotten into this book as much as I have others but I will finish it, regardless of it's qualities! If you have read some GREAT books let me know... Yes, I know...I hear I should read the Twilight Series but I am more into shopping and girly books rather than vampires. I have also heard good thing about Harry Potter. Not so much...You never know though... If I am bored enough we will see. My next great read will be My Sister's Keeper. It is never in at the library. If you have read it let me know what you thought about it. Definitely want to read it before I see the movie.


  1. My Sister's Keeper is wonderful! I heard the movie was not so great, so definitely read it before you see the movie!

  2. Um I'm all about some Chic-Lit! Ive read every single Shopaholic book lol! Like dont get me started! Best things ever! and If you love those you'll also love Chasing Harry Winston, Love the One Your With, Baby Proof, Something Blue, Something Borrowed, Can You Keep a Secret, The Undomestic Godess....I can go on. Sophie Kinsella also has some good books out by in "penname" Madeline Wickham and she has a new book out called Twenties Girl (?) I havent read it yet, I just saw it in the store this past week. My Sisters Keeper is an awesome book (please please please dont go see the movie, its painful to watch lol) and if its never in the library you can borrow it from me!

    The Twilight Series... um yeah I read them because Teryn read them and yeah..I was..disgusted kind of? That they are like glorifying what is obviously a slightly abusive relationship in the name of "love" like seriously? I read all of them..and then stopped reading Breaking Dawn with 6 pages left...I probably will go see New Moon tho because im like a hyprocrit haha.

    See I told you I shouldnt have gotten started on books. I mean I'm only in Grad school for Library and Information Science....haha

  3. When you go to my blog is there not a link way up top that says follow blog? I might have my settings messed up, Ill check later. But yeah, I never did the HP series because its like science fiction and that just seems..dorky...and I mean it just doesnt seem interesting at all.and reminds me of The Hobbit (which I hate). I like.. fun stuff. By any chance have you read The Time Travelers Wife? I really want to read it before the movie comes out.

    But yeah the family is good. Teryn is 14 and starting at Flora and cheers and shes like..a little adult now. And my older sister is good as well, she has a 4 yr old daughter...who also cheers lol. How is yours?

  4. fabulous book. got through it in less than a week! youll love it, keep! miss you bunches! xoxo