Look Before You Leap

The other night the husband went to open our front door and OMG...look what was trying to get in my plant!! I know it looks dead but I still love it! Ahh!! It was a 4ft black snake...I don't think they are poisonous but who cares...look at the thing...I had moved that planter a few hours ago and if I had grabbed it with that snake in their I probably would have peed myself!! We called the neighbors to come look at it... Don't try and spray the snake...they don't care! The neighbor tried to get it out of the planter and it slithered (gross word huh?) to the side of the house.
I was trying to get this pic of the snake coming off the porch and it came at me! Seriously! I screamed so loud and ran as fast as I could. The neighbors sure got a kick out of that. I think I woke the neighborhood up! I thought I was going to die!
The other neighbor came over after he said he heard my screams and got the snake to put it back in the woods....AWAY from our house! Thanks Travis!! You saved my life! Ha!
That snake was a fighter because it did not want to stay in the box. Now every time I got to walk outside I am watching my step. I should have let the furbaby after it!! Crazy things follow us I believe. Don't you agrree? I just had to tell you all about this....Going back to the beach now!! Have a great weekend!

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