Love Me Some Labrasca's

It was prettier before I dumped it on my plate...
For those who do not reside in the Forest Acres/Columbia community...oh how I feel for you. We have a restaurant that has been part of our community for years. There is a waitress that has been there 35 years. My parent's and the husband's parents used to go there in high school...It looks the same as it did back then as well. I believe they got a new awning but that's it. It is so dark and dim in the place because I don't think they want you to see how old it is...GOOD TRY!! Anyways...the husband, myself, and my brother had dinner there last night. I was so excited I didn't even eat my routine Klondike bar around 5...I know...what a sin! Ha!! When you go you have to eat a cheese salad! It is to die for...whats on it you say...ummm...tons of stuff...lettuce, cheese, and 1 tomato. Yes...I know! Their homemade "Italian" dressing is mother slappin' worthy! (Sorry mom!) We ordered a large pepperoni pizza that was wonderful as well.
Large pepperoni pizza coming up...
When I was in college, I used to go everyday and order a cheese salad only. They would have it waiting on me. They even gave you know who a FREE t-shirt for eating there so much. I got a little tired of them, I know-DUH!! So now I only go occasionally.

The brother wanted NO pictures, is that humanly possible?? Then, the husband refused last minute so this is all he got!! Well, at least y'all have me!! Ha!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful hump day!!

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