Not So Shabby!

Last night we went to the El Diablo's first softball practice. On the way we saw a furry bike. If you can't tell it says Mmm...Cookies on the front...I am assuming he watched a lot of Sesame Street growing up!! The whole bike was covered in fur! It was raining and the sad couple couldn't drive it in the rain and get the fur messed up , so they just sat at the gas station...Don't do that to your bike...Haha!! I guess he is different though??
Anyways, the SB practice went really well. I think if they keep practicing together they might be really good!! I hope! don't think the Olympics are in the near future for the boys but you never know! Oh wait, the husband just informed me that only women do SB in the Olympics.

My husband, the pitcher...

My stepdad, whose shirts says "POPS"! Ha! someone has to be the oldest on the team!

Jeff P. hitting grand slams!!

Matt getting ready!

P.S. I got my beautiful NB shoes orange on the bottoms and sides from when I had to run the bases. When I was growing up I vowed never to date a guy who had orange stains on his shoes. Something about it erks me. Don't ask or get offended...It's my blog! I almost started crying when I got home, (SHUT UP-I KNOW...) but the husband saved the day and cleaned them...It's hard being a neat freak!

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