I found these super cute FREE desktop wallpapers at www.whitneycarolinedesigns.com/frdewa.html and thought I would share. Go by there and look at the other two wallpapers as well. The husband and the furbaby were my desktop but they have since been replaced by the pineapple one! Who doesn't love the look of this pineapple one-especially all you southerners! As we all know the pineapple represents hospitality and warm welcomes! A true southern statement! (Thank you Christopher Columbus)
Not too much going on today! The husband had the day off with me so we ran by my school and got a few things and ate at Hooligan's. It's so nice going back and seeing Ivan and Nick considering I spent most of my adolescents there (7 years to be exact!) If you are ever in the neighborhood of the Big Ol' Forest Acres- stop by!!

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