Simplify Your Life...Nah!

Yesterday on Oprah, she challenged families to simplify their lives by not going out to eat, no watching TV, no computers, not driving as much, and only spending $100 on groceries. I am in the challenge, by DEFAULT. Our whacked out computer is still not working. I have only simplified my life by not having my computer and I am dying! Let's see Oprah take the challenge. Wouldn't you rather watch her then regular families?? I would? Her simplified life would be living ours! Ha!
Last night I went to the SIL's Spa Escape Party. It was so nice to let go and enjoy friends and be wine-os! Ha! I had a great time. The bff was there and we are such trouble together! We kept giggling during the "relaxation" time and I was hoping the lady wasn't going to get mad. I am so glad the SIL had us there.
The SIL, the wife, and the BFF!

The BFF and the Wife exfoliating our lips!

Of course I had to buy something...Duh! The husband did say "Buy NOTHING!" He can't be serious! I did find a lotion that was geered towards diabetic's feet. I loved how it felt so I figured if I bought it I could say I bought it for him! How perfect! Glad he doesn't read this!

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  1. I could probably spend $100 on groceries no problem. I mean in college I made it an entire week on a box of cereal, a jar of pasta sauce, a box of pasta and some tea bags and sugar.