Charlie the Turtle

Tuesday morning I received a call from the office that a mother had found a turtle on the side of the road and wanted to know if our class wanted it. Of course I couldn't say no! She brought him a little bucket and the children fell in love with him. We had a vote whether we should keep him as a class pet or not and that was won hands down- duh Mrs. Cobia! Ha!! I then let each table break off and think of one name that we could vote on for the turtle. We couldn't call him the turtle forever- or could we?? Na!! So the children came back with the following names: Boxy, Charlie, Murtle the Turtle, and Mr. Cobia. We had a vote and I was hoping they weren't going to pick Mr. Cobia because I would of ix-nayed that!! Charlie won!! Thus...our new class pet is Charlie the Turtle. Charlie was doing good in the beginning. I placed him in the container on my desk while I took the children to PE. When I got back Charlie was not in his bin. He had climbed out onto my desk and pooed on my monogrammed mouse pad! Of all things!! Seriously?? Sigh... After I cleaned it up I headed straight for the Science Lab where the teacher gave us a tank. What a lifesaver! He wouldn't have lasted otherwise!! The children love him so much! All there writing consists of Charlie! Please don't let this thing die! I had morning duty today and when I got to class a few of the parents had decorated the inside of Charlie's cage so it had more than just dirt in it! I have such great children and parents. I will definitely update you on Charlie as the year progresses!! I hope you are having a wonderful week!!

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