Great People and a Dad With Too Much Time On His Hands

I got the sweetest present from a friend/follower. My one day Aunt Amy sent me the cutest gift. If you never know what to buy me... Anything pink, polka dot, or monogrammed and she hit it right on the head!! The cutest pink, polka dot, monogrammed koozie! I absolutely lo
ve it! I love the fact that it wasn't my birthday, an anniversary, or even a moody day! She did it for the fact of being such a good person!! Thank you so much... It meant so much to get this!!
On the other hand "the father" has too much time on his hands. He is my favorite person in the entire world. He likes to believe that he doent read the blog- he wouldn't even become a follower- I know... Anyways...he thinks it is ridiculous that I call people "the husband" or "the bestie". It is something I started and it just kind of stuck. So since he hates it he is now "the father"!! He had so much to do at work that he suggested I get a liscence plate that says this... Not so shabby but it might be a little tacky!! Wouldn't want my followers to become stalkers! Ha!! Just kidding! I am pretending like I am special- oh but I am.. Ha!

I will let you know what my monogrammed items turn out like today!! Yay!! Have a wonderful Friday!!

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