Congrats Marie and Happy Birthday Rich!

Last night we went to a retirement party for our goddaughter's grandma. Got that... you know, my friend's, baby's, daddy's, momma kinda thing! Ha!! She is retiring after 45 years in the working field! That is crazy! I can't imagine working 45 years but i guess I better! We had such a good time getting to know her friends and being with ours -sweet Savannah!! We ate at Wings and Ale's and also celebrated our friend Rich's birthday! I like that place, I just wish they would clean it up a bit! Thank gosh its dark so you can't really tell! The bouncer was seriously 400 pounds. I have never seen a man that big. It wasn't fat, it must have been a combo of fat, big muscles, and thick bones! Or working at Wings and Ale.We also threw in a little corn hole. If you don't know the game you have to throw bean bags in a hole. Doesn't it sound wonderful?? Get some friends and good drinks and it really is a good time! I was horrible at it but the boys were good. I am not a very good aimer, thus no sports for me!! Ha! I hope you continue to have a great weekend!

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