Girl's Weekend


Gotta keep our energy up!

My sister came and stayed the weekend with me while the husband went camping. Never been camping and don't want to go! Don't you know it's 99 degrees today! No way! Anyways, my sister and I did a lot of school shopping. Mostly for her middle school but I wanted to find a cute new dress for Meet the Teacher Night.

She found some really cute stuff but me, not so much! I got a cute brown chunky necklace from Belk's! Love it!!

It was so hard to find reasonably priced clothing that wasn't plaid or skinny. Where are all the cute simple dresses and normal clothes? The malls were so packed with shoppers for the no tax weekend but we had a blast. Off to rent a movie for our continued girl's weekend!

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  1. All of this plaid clothing is driving me nuts. I ended up buying skinny jeans last weekend just because they made me look taller..and if you can find some cute simple dresses and normal clothes let me know where! Its awful being 23 and still having to shop at juniors stores!