The Weekend Is Over...

No makeup- we are SO brave!! Ahh...

The weekend is about over, my sister has left, the husband has returned and I officially start work tomorrow! Ahh! I am so excited but now it is so real! I have a roster and all! 19 little ones! No turning back now! Ha!

My sister and I had a great weekend. It is no nice to get to spend time with her by myself before she is too cool for me! I can just remember when I could pick her up and do her hair... yeah, not so much! She is in middle school, that's all I have to say! It is so crazy how much she knows. Since we don't live together it is nice to get up once in awhile. Every time I see her she is wittier, taller, funnier, and cuter! I just love her. We had a girly night Saturday night and did face masks, tried to bake, and watched He's Just Not That Into You! A few parts I was little embarrassed that I was watching this with my little sister but she probably knows more about the world than I do!
The husband made it home from his camping trip safely. I hate when he has no service. Makes for a long trip away! So glad the sister kept me company! I remember when me and a few of my girlfriends read this in high school. It makes so much more sense now that we are older. It is so true! If a guy is interested in you, he WILL make a way to contact you. If you really like him, don't sit by the phone to wait. If he calls, he calls. I wish I couldn't have made more sense of this in high school but I guess you have to live and learn to enjoy it! Tomorrow is the start of school so I hope you have a wonderful week! Wish me luck! Ahh!!

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  1. I like spending time with my little sister too..before she becomes a complete attitude having teenager. And yeah I took her to see He's Just Not That in theatres and felt the same way