A Good Deed + A Bad Deed Makes Me Feel Better About Myself!

My new faux studs...

So last week I did a really good deed for someone who needed extra money. I normally don't do those kinda things because I like my money to be MINE! Call it greedy! Whatever. I was hoping the woman would pay me back but was expecting the worst. Well she did! And it was in cash! Ha! That was my one good deed for the month. In my way of thinking since I did one good deed I could have one bad deed to go with. Not that I look for bad things to do, this just came to me. I bought a gift for a friend a few months ago and I still have it. Well, there are some things that I wanted/needed so I returned the gift and spent the money. Is that horrible?? If you say yes don't forget that I did do a good deed earlier. I guess I am consciously feeling guilty about it and looking for y'all to rectify my actions. Oh well!! I'll just look at my cute stuff! Ha! Sigh...the life I live is so complicated!!!


  1. Naw. Not horrible. After all, "its the thought that counts".

  2. I've done the same thing before also. So no, it's not horrible!