The First Day of First Grade...

My lips look horrible...Ahhh...No lipgloss yet...Couldn't eat it before I ate my waffles in the car!
Today was the first day of first grade and it was FABULOUS! This was my first day get-up! As some of you know, last year I tried not to wear any outfit twice but the husband has laid down the law and demanded I wear an outfit more than twice. Sigh... If you see me in something I wore before, please don't comment and but this huge ego! Ha!! Sidetrack- this picture makes me look really short huh?? Yes, I am 5'5", not 5'4" like the husband says.
My kids at school were wonderful. I have the cutest and sweetest kids I could ask for. I received a new child today bring my total up to 21. When I was emptying supplies, I kept noticing that most were pink. A mom must have realized why I looked so confused and according to her I have a group of girls who are good friends outside of class who hang out. They all decided to get pink supplies since that is Mrs. Cobia's favorite color! How precious!! Love them!!! And they were so correct! I also received an mail from a mother after school that said...and I quote..."As soon as T. got in the car he told me that 'Mrs. Cobia is that bomb and she is the best teacher ever!'" How sweet was that. That made my day!! I am so lucky to be at such a great school that has a great community. I hope all teachers and Charlotte had a great first day as well!


  1. See...I told you your kids would love you. We all love you. I hope each day goes as well as today! Bestie's Mom

  2. So glad you had a great first day!

  3. Rebecca [Bestie's Cousin's friend] :)August 18, 2009 at 8:38 PM

    You look sooo cute!!! So glad your first day went well! I cannot believe you didn't wear an outfit twice! OMG. That is awesome! My hubs would kill me though!