Meet the Teacher and Alex's Farewell Dinner

Last night was the Meet and Greet with my students and it went wonderfully! I have the best parents and children! I can't wait for Monday! Afterwards I went to dinner at the Colannelli's house for Alex's farewell dinner. My stepsister is headed off to college this Sunday! Gosh that makes me feel old! I am so excited for her and I hope she loves it. Sad day- this is the only picture I got because she wouldn't take any with me with no make-up! was the last day of meetings and working in our rooms before the start of school on Monday. I think I am ready! I need to copy a few more things but Holly and Amanda kept jamming them up!! Amanda was on the ground determined to fix these crazy new copiers! You go girl!! The new teachers were given goodies bags full of supplies I just love this bag don't you!
The only way it would be better is with a dark chocolate monogram and full of chocolate! Dreaming... Great staff at school!! I am so glad its the weekend! Making a few more copies and wedding dress shopping for the besties wedding!! I am so excited!! Taking it easy after that. I hope y'all have wonderful plans and a great weekend!!

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  1. Well look at your cupkcakes!!! TOOO cute!! I'm so proud of you!!
    I am glad you are excited about the kickoff! I hope you have a fabulous year!!
    My heels, sadly, in that pic are Louboutin's which is SO far out of my league!! But mine are identical except for that they're not slingbacks and they're Jessica Simpsons....I also got some pointy toed slingbacks in more of a "bone" color from....KMART!!!! $6.00!!!! Can you believe it?!?!?!? They're adorable!!!!