Meetings, Meetings, and More Meetings plus Giveaway!

My friend and follower over at is having a giveaway. Isn't this the cutest? Go check out her blog and sign up before August 26th. Good luck!

Sad day that M & T wanted to be cut out! We still love you-mean it!

Today was full of Professional Development meetings! So exciting that I am a professional now! Yay!! It is so nice to get to spend time with the faculty and getting to know them outside of school! This is the first and second grade teams eating at Monterrey's. Wait- you don't know what Monterrey's is? OMG! Run to the nearest!! Ahh! The husband and I go to another one so much they know our orders by heart. Pretty sad huh?? Nah, we have cut back a lot! Cheap and easy...Isn't that what everyone wants- with food!

Emily's burnt tamale...

The infamous steak quesadilla and beef taco no lechuga por favor! But you always have to have a side of mild sauce and eat the taco first... I am just saying!

I have a pretty amazing team that I am only and can completely be myself. Maybe a little bit too much. You might find this hard to believe, I know, you are wondering what is she going to say... but... I can be a little much! I have a lot of energy that needs to be let out. I love to talk, laugh, and not take life so seriously! I am glad I have coworkers that are so similar. Maybe less bouncy though! Ha! It was a long day with lots to be learned. Meet and greet the teacher tomorrow night! Ahh! I am so excited! You know there will be a post tomorrow night!!

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