American Cockroach No More!

I have the best husband ever! Last night I was doing my normal routine before heading to know, walking around, picking up and etc. The husband was not feeling well and was holed up on the couch with the heating blanket- poor baby! Anyways... I went to empty the trash can in the bathroom and as soon as I turned the light on- there it was... an American Cockroach. I am not 100% it was American but it looked that way. I support Americans but not this one! Before I could even find a shoe it dove behind our mirror! I freaked out... How the heck am I going to kill it now?? OMG! If there is one, what if there was a whole family living behind my bathroom mirror? Just my luck! All while this is happening, I am trying to stay quiet because of the husband. I tried tapping the mirror with no luck! The cockroach was not falling form my tricks! It just wouldn't leave my OCD brain and I begged and pleaded for sick boy to please take the mirror down in case we were infested. Um, let's just say the husband was not pleased! I couldn't help it though! It was a cockroach and it did not belong here! Low and behold, grumpy boy took the mirror down at 10 at night and to my surprise and enjoyment, it was by itself. It didn't live long but thank gosh for great husbands who take mirrors down late at night.

P.S. It was not a little mirror, I am talking the size of the entire vanity. Love you-mean it!

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