Yay for Thursdays!!

Ok...so I know that I talked about being on a budget, which I am... but I found the cutest dress at Target today... and it is perfect for our football games. It is this adorable garnet-ish colored dress with ruffles on the top and bottom! I love finding wonderful dresses that are great for summer or great with a pair of knee high boots in the winter! I know that I am on a budget but the husband called me today and told me he bought something and felt guilty about it so I could go out and buy something. You don't have to tell me but once. Of course being the great lovely wife I am, I said, "No, buy yourself something. I don't need anything." The husband's response, "Trust me, I know... you will be able to find something!" He knows me too well! Too bad I didn't have this to wear for SEC game day! Oh well! But it will look perfect for picture day tomorrow! I am so embarrassed to have my picture taking because these roots on the top of my head are something awful! Of course my appointment is for Saturday but too bad so sad!

P.S. I will not be wearing those sad shoes with this outfit!

Am I the only one who didn't know this. A friend at school today informed me that all clothing stores put out new merchandise Thursday mornings! All 24 years of my life I never knew that. I have always struggled trying to find XS sizes because I guess I don't shop on Thursday! Duh! I am so excited for Thursdays now I can hardly contain myself... of course while sticking on my budget... Ha! Happy Friday!!

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