Everybody's Working for the Weekend...

We had a wonderful busy weekend! The husband and his father have a hunting boat and he wanted to take it out Saturday. The furbaby and I couldn't resist. When the husband put the boat in, it would only go in reverse. *Just our luck!* All I could do was laugh and wonder how he was going to get this boat back on the trailer. He eventually realized what the problem was, a certain button wasn't pushed and off we went. I grew up on the lake and could ride on a boat all day.

While we were riding a huge plane flew low overhead and if you look really closely on the left side of the pic you can see parachuters jumping into the lake. Don't know what was going on but it was neat!

The furbaby, of course, sat right next to momma!
Later that weekend we went to a friend's for a cookout/USC game night! I was so proud of the Gamecocks even though we lost. We played so well and never gave up. We are looking fierce so the other SEC teams better watch out.
How cute is S in her gamecock onesie??

Dork and dorkier...I just love it...Guess who hated it...yes... the husband!



  1. Ohhh Your pics are so so cute! Our furbaby is a black lab...oh and a white kitten who will not leave me alonge. LOL Gotta love pets!

  2. Looks like y'all had a wonderful weekend. We have a black lab and he LOVES to get to go with the hubs. Hope you have a great week!