A Perfect Staple for a Winter Wardrobe

So I totally know that I am on a budget but I have been looking for a tan/nude/cream pea coat for sometime. I just think the look is classic with a dress and your knee high hooker boots on...and of course don't forget a cute necklace and a cute scarf! So...this fabulous winter coat was bought before the "for real" budget. For those who don't know, the husband put me on a budget. Well nothing was in stone and we never really talked anymore about it. I just kept doing what I am good at...shopping. At least I wasn't going 3 times a week like normal. Anyways, I guess I was not taking this budget thing too seriously because now I am REALLY on a budget! Guess what...no shopping this week and I was given strict instructions! Does he not know I might go insane? The malls and shops in town might see a decrease in sales, then the stores will close, then our neighborhood will turn out worse than it is-ha! and it will all be his fought for not letting me shop. Does this make sense, or only in my mind?? I will explain to him my rational thinking and see what he has to say! I'll get back to you on that...

Anyways...so my coat finally came in and I love it! Whiter than I thought, so just make sure NO one touches me! I might live in a bubble but at least I will look cute! Sigh... If you only knew how my brain functioned!! I couldn't find my jacket over at Francesca's Collection but it is pretty similar to this but in winter white!

Now it can turn cold.

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  1. Oh I love it! I've been hunting for a similiar coat..but alas the hunt continues...it can not get cold yet up here!!