I Was Totally CHOPPED!

If you don't know what chopped means, you have probably been chopped! You do not have to physically get chopped to be chopped. I was so chopped last night! Last night the husband and I went to a new restaurant by the house that was a tex/mex bar and grill. Food was okay. They put yellow cheese on my quesadilla, ooh.. Anyways, this place has only been open for about a week so it wasn't very crowded. They had a singer who looked like Geranamo, who played us country music. It was almost like he was serenading us since no one else was there. We stayed for awhile and eventually there were others. He kept asking if anyone had any requests with no answers. I thought I would be nice and request a song. I just had to wait for the right time! He played one song and afterwards it was silent. Perfect time to bust out my request. "How about Rascall Flatts?'" *Chirp, chirp, chirp* It was silent. He looked at me and then his wife and almost simultaneously, the entire bar/grill broke out into laughter. I don't get embarrassed much but I did this time. **CHOP** To make matters worse, the husband screams out, "Go wait in the truck!" The entire bar/grill thought he was hilarious! What is wrong with Rascall Flatts? I love them! Geranamo said, "I don't sing songs by girl artists." I shot back, "They are guys." Laughter again. Sigh... at this point this guy is not so cool anymore. To make matters even worse... Can they get worse?? Really? Maybe if I had toilet paper sticking to my shoe, huh?? I was joking to the husband trying to make light of the situation and said, "I should yell out Shania Twain to make it worse!" I was not in any way serious. The next time he finished a song the husband just had to blurt out, "Now she wants to know if you will play Shania Twain!" This night was turning out great! Thanks for the support HUSBAND! **DOUBLE CHOP** Oh well, I will keep listening to Rascall Flatts and loving it. Do y'all listen to Rascall Flatts?? I know I am not the only one!

P.S. The singer should be chopped for that hair do. Half shaved, half long hair. Really?


  1. I love Rascal Flatts. Go back to that Bar & Grill and tell the guy he looks like the young Billy Ray Cirus with a mullet. That ought to shut him up real quick.

  2. Half shaved & half long hair is called a MULLET!!! Business in the front, party in the back!! Gross! JOE DIRT!