More Patience or Less Control?

I was leaving from dropping my sister off at my mom's and had to go downtown to get home...Shoot me please! Seriously! I hate being slow. I need instant gratification and want to do everything as fast as I can. Of course it will be right though. Whether it be drive-through, bagel bites in the microwave, 8o mph on the highway, I don't care. Do it now and do it fast, so when I am stuck in traffic I won't to freak. Literally I was in the worst mood coming home. Not to mention I didn't have my sunglasses and I got stopped by a train- THAT WAS STOPPED! Doesn't the guy driving the train know it's 5 o'clock. I found my own detour and it still took me over an hour to get home. While I had all this spare time I was thinking about whether I need less control in some situations or more patience. Yes, I am a teacher...and I do have patience. Trust me when a 6 year old is tapping your side to get your attention but you are in the middle of a conversation and are trying to ignore them, you learn patience. Maybe I need to loosen the reins for less control. I had absolutely NO control about what time I was going to be getting home or how fast these people were moving. I know I need to relax but if you haven't noticed that word is not in my vocabulary! I'll have time to relax when I am old. What are your thoughts? Do I just need to slow down and take things easy or do y'all get as frustrated about traffic? And yes, I am the one on your tail in the car because you are only going 5 miles over the speed limit in the fast lane. I have places to go and things to do. If I have nothing to do, I will find something. Yay for tomorrow being Friday!!

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  1. Oh I struggle with the same thing! Your post rang so true with me I just had to comment! I want things done now..not later. Instantly. I think we can blame high speed internet and fast cars:)
    lovely blog!!