Strap Perfect is Almost Perfect...

Has anyone tried the Strap Perfect...As seen on TV?? Well, when I first saw it I thought, yeah... I don't know about this thing! I also was thinking...why the heck didn't I think of that! I do that a lot though. Some inventions seem so simple but... too bad we don't think of them. I do have one idea... I won't ever do anything with it plus they might already have it and another plus, I think it was really an ex-boyfriends idea years I will tell you... (If by chance you patent it, share the love) drum roll please.. Ha! One container split down the middle; one side with ketchup and the other with mustard! Genius! Off subject... Back to what is truly important in life... Ha! So I always wanted to try Strap Perfect... To make this story stop going round and round, while I was at lunch the other day with my fellow first grade teachers, my bra strap kept falling off my shoulder and peeking out! Tacky I know! Trust me- I got that! My friend S said she had bought some and they were terrific! She graciously gave me one of hers the next day and I absolutely love it!

Not everything is perfect though...If the husband can't be there to help it is slightly hard to do yourself! Dad...close your ears... turn your bra around, hook it, and turn it back around! Viola! I am not a big fan of boobs at people 's chins either... but extra wouldn't hurt... but no...your boobs do not turn out like that. Only a boob job, padded bra, or photo shop can do this. Plus that's a little much don't ya think?
I would still recommend this and thought I would share the love!! Do any of you own Strap Perfect? What do you think?? Happy Hump Day!


  1. I have a little plastic gadget exactly like that and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

  2. I have a bras from Victorias secret that has a hook on one strap and a ring on the other and when you attach them... viola! the same as having strap perfect.