Rain boots and Bowling

I have been dying fro a pair of hot pink rain boots that I saw a few days ago. Of course, being on this new budget the husband said no. But low and behold...look what he surprised me with...

He is the best husband ever!! So of course I had to wear them that day. It looked like is was going to rain to it was perfect. Except the sun ended up coming out and I looked like a total re-re.

We later went out with friends to one of my favorite restaurants...Copper River and then went bowling. I knew I wasn't a great bowler but I didn't know I was that bad. It was so bad I gave up after 2 rounds. Sad day!! Oh well...there are just somethings you know you aren't good at but if that is the only thing I am not good at, I'll be okay. Ha!!


  1. Love your hot pink rain boots! I have A&M ones...they are so popular on campus here on a rainy day!

  2. Ya for rainboots...i could definitely use a pair where i live ;) Thanks for finding my blog. Don't be a stranger pretty lady.
    P.S. I was secretly hoping to see you strut your stuff and throw the bowling ball in your new boots!!! Lol

  3. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! I love knowing that it's actually read and enjoyed by others. Yours is super cute, too! Congrats on your awards!

    And, I loooove your hot pink boots.

    Tracey :)

  4. Hi! I just discovered your adorable blog!! I absolutely love. I am getting ready to start student teaching and I love reading about your own teaching stories!

  5. Those boots are a bit hot.
    I often find myself wearing something completely innappropitate for the weather if it's new and I like it.
    As long as we never wear a bikini in the snow I think we still look like we have a bit of sanity left x :)

  6. Boots like that might make me wish for rain!

  7. I love that you wrote about the boots! I tried a dozen different patterns on and couldn't convince a certain neighbor of yours that I "needed" them. Then I saw you wearing yours and got to tell him that they are obviously a necessity because I'm not the only person who wanted a pair. Oh well for me but yay for you!

  8. Aww, even with the budget, your hubby surprises you with nice little treats! Love your blog, btw! I found it via Elle's blog.